What is the Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In ?
This event is the largest home-built rotorcraft fly-in in the west.  The Fly-In is hosted by the Popular Rotorcraft Association's Chapter One. We do not "run" the Fly-In, but only set the date and send out the invitation to both pilots and spectators. Ken Brock was a noted air show performer, stunt pilot and aircraft manufacturer.  Ken was also the past president of Chapter One. As the name Freedom Fly-In implies, all aircraft are welcome to celebrate our freedom to fly.

What is the cost?
As the name implies, the Freedom Fly-In is free for both pilots and spectators.

What should I know if I am bringing an aircraft?
Again, it is the Freedom Fly-In: You are free to do whatever you want. However there are certain safety items:
 -Please do not fly low over the flight line or any other crowded area.
-There will be a "no rotors turning" area marked west of the flight line.
-If the area west of the north/south flight line is busy with air traffic, please fly a counter clockwise racetrack pattern.
-Non-rotorcraft traffic should land north or south of the flight line
Please stop by the PRA Chapter One booth and check-in for any other safety precautions and to register your rotorcraft for judging. There is no cost.

Is the fly-in for rotorcraft only?
The Fly-In's emphasis is rotorcraft, but all types of aircraft are welcome and all types of aircraft attend.

What about Radio Communication?
While many of the gyroplanes that fly at El Mirage do not
fly with a radio, the frequency that pilots with radios use
is 123.025 MHz.  You can monitor that for any air-to air
communication with other radio equipped aircraft.


Can you land on the lake bed?
El Mirage dry lake is an OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) area and pilots fly from this six mile long runway frequently.

What are the GPS coordinates?
GPS Coordinates: 34.656889 by -117.626849 or
3439’24.8”N  11737’36.7”W

Is there food available?
There isn't any food service on the lake bed but there are two restaurants  and a grocery store in El Mirage. Friday night Chapter One hosts the Fly-In BBQ, providing a great dinner.  Saturday night the BBQ will be going and you can BBQ what ever you bring.  Chapter One supplies the beans, salad and bread, etc.  There's nothing like burning a little beef to make new friends and have fun with old ones.

What's the weather like?
The temperature can vary, especially if the wind is blowing and sometimes it's very windy! During the day it is usually hot. Be sure to bring plenty of  water and other fluids. During the evening it can be cool and at night  the temperature can be relatively cold.

Are there any accommodations?
Camping is allowed on the lake bed, but there is not much in the way of  facilities. Chapter One supplies Porta-Potties in addition to the standard bathrooms for the OHV area. There are 2 motels in Adelanto and a broader range of motels and restaurants in Victorville, 20 miles to the east.

What can I expect to see at the Fly-In?
We usually attract 20+ gyros, 3-5 helicopters and a variety of ultra lights and other fixed wing aircraft.
NOTICE: The lake bed is fenced... We now need to pay admission, $15 per day, $30 per week, per VEHICLE